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Questions & Answers

Q: What does "raw" versus "baked" mean?

A: Raw food is considered to maintain more of its natural enzymes than their baked counterparts (although some of these enzymes are still preserved even with higher cooking heats). Enzymes help the body detoxify and absorb nutrients. To preserve these natural enzymes, raw food is not heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Q: How do you "bake" raw desserts?

A: A dehydrator is utilized if we need to bake anything in our product line that is labeled "raw". This enables the dessert to maintain its natural enzymes while also adding crunch or a desirable texture. Many of our raw desserts don't require heat at all!  

Q: How do I order for a large event?

A: Please send us an email with the details and we will follow up as soon as possible. As a bonus, we offer a discount if you order over $100 worth of product! 

Q: What environmental charities do you donate to?

A: Earth Bakery donates 5% of its proceeds to environmental nonprofit organizations. Specifically, we focus on nonprofits which help to preserve Earth's land, air, and water. For example, in a given season we would showcase a nonprofit benefiting land and wildlife conservation (land), rainforest restoration (air), and ocean plastic clean-up (water). To learn more about our conservation efforts, click here.  

Q: What does "vegan" mean?

A: A product labeled "vegan" means there are no animal products present. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, butter, gelatin, etc. Honey is technically a non-vegan food source but some vegans do consume it. We've heard they sometimes call themselves "bee-gan"! Here at Earth Bakery, we use some raw honey products in a small selection of our desserts (where labeled). 

Q: Does switching to vegan products help the environment? How?

A: Yes! We at Earth Bakery (and as consumers ourselves)  believe in the power of voting with our dollars - electing a more sustainable way of eating and indulging. Animal based products contribute to environmental issues such as large amounts of methane gas production and demolition of forests to create pasture land. Eating in a plant based way can help combat these environmental concerns and ensure a better future for ourselves, our children, and for the Earth.


We believe that everyone can do their part, no matter how small…even if it’s switching out a traditional cake for one of our vegan treats!  Our message is this: Eating in a plant-based way can be healthy, delicious, and beneficial to our planet. 

Please email us with any questions you have...they may end up here!